Welcome to THE INCREDIBLE HULK 1982 cartoon guide!  This animated cartoon series originally aired on the NBC television network in the fall of 1982.  Paired with the popular series Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends, the two cartoons were billed as one show entitled The Incredible Hulk and The Amazing Spider-Man. (And later as The Amazing Spider-Man and The Incredible Hulk.) Though there are differences in this cartoon and the comic book from which the Hulk originated, this series was extremely faithful to the character, especially for a 1980's Saturday morning cartoon.  Despite countless restrictions and broad conformity (Yes, this is the cartoon where Banner's clothes would "magically reappear"), the creators pulled off a charming show that is fondly remembered by children of the 1980s as a classic.

LAST UPDATED: 11/16/14
- TWO episodes left on the STAN LEE NARRATION LIST !
- Production bible now available in Multimedia (PDF) 
- Hulk production drawing now in the Picture Gallery
- Voice credits update thanks to Servo the Serious Thinker!
- Ratings & reviews now in the Episode Guide
- Interview with the voice of Bruce Banner...Michael Bell!
- Interview with animation extraordinaire Boyd Kirkland!

SPIDER-MAN, ICEMAN, & FIRESTAR: THE SPIDER-FRIENDS!  The animated television series Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends originally aired on the NBC network Saturday mornings along with The Incredible HulkSPIDER-FRIENDS.COM is a comprehensive website that includes an episode guide, video clips, picture gallery, memorabilia and more!

The amazing Jon Talpur has concocted a wonderful site based on the 1981 solo Spider-Man cartoon.  For those who don't already know, the solo cartoon shared many of the same designs and creators of The Incredible Hulk as well as Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends but the show is not as well known since it was not shown on a national TV network.  Be sure to check it out at spider-friends.com/SOLO1981/!

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