13 episodes - listed in the original production order.

Solar flares cause the Hulk to appear at random, as Doctor Octopus invades Gamma Base.

Banner discovers an ancient cure for the Hulk, while a spy steals a powerful device.

When Bruce Banner is caught in a gamma explosion, the Hulk is born.

The Hulk vs. the Hunchback of Notre-Dame in Paris.

Cyclops, a sentient military computer, makes plans to rule the world.

The Puppet Master unknowingly reveals the secret of the Hulk.

Trapped in prehistoric times, the Hulk finds a soulmate.

 A deadly yellow organism that eats through anything threatens Gamma Base.

An experiment gone wrong leaves the Hulk only one inch tall.

The Leader and his motorcycle gang attempt to steal a vibranium shipment.

The Hulk and his gamma-irradiated cousin face the hordes of Hydra in Los Angeles.

Betty's psychic nephew foresees the Hulk destroying a space shuttle.

A teleportation accident leaves the Hulk accused of causing Banner's disintegration.

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