Judging from the video releases of the show, the show has lost random narrations that were part of the original NBC airings. Therefore, to get the episodes complete in their entirety, the Stan Lee narrations will need to be used from fan's video tape copies or re-recorded.  Listed below is the dialogue of every narration Stan Lee did that I had available.  Highlighted in red are the episodes that we don't have an NBC airing available to us at the present.  Unfortunately, all the episodes were edited in subsequent airings on NBC so this list could very easily be missing some dialogue beyond where it is stipulated.  If you have NBC airings of the episodes listed in red, please let us know so that this list can be updated with the correct information.
 -RED: things unavailable to the makers of this website at the present.  Please contact us if you have them.
-BLUE:  the Stan Lee dialogue that IS on the current masters 
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(1:05; Opening) "Hi, this is Stan Lee.  When we think of the sun we think of beaches and fun outdoors.  But sometimes there are giant storms on the sun.  Storms that hurl waves of radiation towards the helpless Earth.  Right now this radiation is encircling America's most powerful army base where a dangerous experiment is now in progress."
(5:08) "The crisis is over. Bruce Banner has triumphed over the Hulk...for now. [Pause for Rick's dialog] But what caused the change to begin? Rick isn't sure that he wants to know."
(5:45) "One zap of a paralysis beam is all it takes for Doc Ock's men to begin their invasion."
(8:30; return from commercial) "It happened again! The cosmic radiation has struck...and this time Bruce Banner can't stop the terrible transformation."
(9:35) "In his mindless rage, the Hulk lashes out, shattering an anti-invasion radar disc as if it's a toy!"
(11:10) "Striking quickly and ruthlessly, the metal armed menace cripples the army post power supply."
(12:45) "At last, the Hulk is imprisoned behind tons of concrete in the most impregnable vault ever built."
(19:35)  "As his memory begins to fade, one last thought burns into Banner's mind: Return to base!"
(22:20) "The cosmic rays died down.  The danger is over...at last."
(No closing)

(1:05;Opening) "This is Stan Lee welcoming you to a peaceful vacationing camp in the mountains...or is it peaceful?  Why is the ground shaking? Why not stick around and find out, if you dare?"
(2:15) "The Incredible Hulk.  It seems Bruce Banner can never escape him."
(6:30) "Meanwhile, back in Cosmo's limo..."
(6:55) "Even deep in the Yucatan jungle, Bruce Banner manages to find a guide who will follow the ancient map and lead them into the heart of the forbidden land."
(9:05) "Distracted by the warrior's attack, the Hulk's clouded brain forgets about the slowly sinking jeep."
(11:43) "It is true? Is the long search finally over? Is Bruce Banner at last about to grasp his cure?"
(13:21) "Miraculously the transformation stops.  Bruce Banner is himself once more. The potion worked!  The Hulk is gone forever. But now, without the awesome power of the green goliath, what will happen to the doomed Bruce Banner."
(18:39) "Tormented beyond description, Banner knows what must be done. In order to save those who need him, he must sacrifice himself . The Incredible Hulk must live again."
(23:30) "Once again, Bruce Banner faces a future of torment and sorrow.  But he'll never stop seeking a cure for his horrible malady. He'll never stop hoping he can one day destroy the monster within him."

(no missing narration)
(1:05; Opening)) "Hi, I'm Stan Lee.  We all know the Hulk is the strongest and the strangest creature on Earth. Now, hang on to your hats heroes, cause here's where we learn how he got that way!  This the lonely desert.  The mysterious desert. Where all is silent. Too silent...with a scent of danger in the air."
(9:25) "Trying to save a teenagers life, Bruce Banner's helpless body absorbs a massive bombardment of  super powerful gamma rays." [Scene not in Prism videos]
(9:40) "Later, at the base hospital, just a few minutes before the most incredible transformation of all time is about to take place."
(11:55)  "Bruce Banner's rage and his frustration finally trigger the powerful gamma rays in his body causing the world's most fantastic transformation, as the Incredible Hulk is born."
(14:03)  "Second later, raging panic fills the air."
(14:30) "Spurred on by some dim clouded memory, the Hulk heads for places Bruce Banner knows best."
(16:00) "As the mystified Betty Ross listens to Rick's explanation, she doesn't notice the startling transformation which again takes place just a few feet away as the Incredible Hulk slowly begins to change...and change...until..."

(No closing)

(1:05; Opening) "Hi gang, this is Stan Lee.  What do you say we take a little trip just to keep the Hulk company.  Here we are in Paris, home of the mighty Arc de Triomphe.  The famous Eiffel Tower and, of course, the ancient, mysterious cathedral which was the home of one of fictions most grotesque characters: Quasimodo, the hunchback of Notre Dame."
(5:16) "You've probably figured it out by now.  He's not the original Quasimodo.  He's not even the ghost of Quasimodo. No, he's the great, great, great, great, great grandson of Quasimodo.  A descendant of the original hunchback of Notre Dame.  But there's one great difference between the two of them.  The first Quasimodo was kind-hearted and good.  [Pause for Quasimodo's dialog] But this one is just the opposite. This one is fiendishly evil.  And he has seen Betty Ross."
(9:25; return from commercial) "Within a hidden dungeon, the evil hunchback of Notre Dame and the Incredible Hulk risk all in a battle for Betty Ross, who is a prisoner of the fiendish Quasimodo."
(13:02) "So powerful is the Hulk's bare-fisted blow that it endangers the terrified elevator riders."
(16:16) "Saved by his own savage strength, the Hulk still lives and changes once again.  But what of Betty Ross. Little does she dream as she goes to meet the Minister of Finance that a pair of evil eyes are watching [Pause] Finally Betty reaches the main terminal of the Paris subway, little dreaming of the danger that awaits her."
(23:33; closing) "But there's never enough excitement for us, eh, true believers?"

Unavailable (I do NOT have a
n NBC version of the episode. Please contact me if you have it.)

(no missing narration)
(1:05; Opening) "Hey, this is Stan Lee.  Wouldn't it be horrible if a super villain could control the Hulk?  Well, you're about to see the evil Puppet Master do just that.  Hang loose, heroes...'cause here we go!"
(2:13) "Imagine Bruce Banner's shock.  He has just been ordered to reveal his own terrible secret. Here he is, the villain we warned you about.  The uncanny Puppet Master and his gentle daughter, the blind Alicia."
(3:24) "The Puppet Master isn't the only one after the Hulk.  Here's Major Talbot, drilling his squad of fighting Hulk-Busters."

(4:15) "Desperate to protect his incredible secret, Bruce Banner changes the computer's programming."
(4:22) "But he knows he can't deceive Betty Ross much longer."
(7:33) "Bruce Banner can't fight it any longer.  Slowly, relentlessly the helplessly scientist changes into the Incredible Hulk, a monster controlled by the Puppet Master! [Pause] Without a second thought, the green goliath obeys the Puppet Master's command. [Pause] The Hulk destroys Banner's delicate experiment."
(9:14) "Not even the mighty Hulk can withstand both the stun beam and the strange power of the Puppet Master."
(9:41; return from commercial) "You didn't imagine it. You saw it with your own eyes! You heard it with your own ears!"
(11:00) "It's impossible but it happens. The entire base is now under the spell of the power-mad Puppet Master."
(12:39) "Bruce Banner heads for Mesa City, hoping to lose himself in the crowds there, unaware that the Puppet Master already controls the town."
(14:05) "His only hope is to overcome the Puppet Master's scanner beams, so Banner desperately creates a jamming device. But, can he do it in time?"
(17:52) "Trapped. Desperate. Not knowing where to turn, the gamma energy in Bruce Banner's cells is triggered once again."
(19:00) "In his mindless rage, the rampaging Hulk plays into the Puppet Master's hands as he loses his protective headband."
(23:33) "The site of the damaged statue, shattered by the fury of the Hulk, reminds Bruce Banner that he can never dare admit his love for Betty Ross."

Unavailable (I do NOT have a
n NBC version of the episode. Please contact me if you have it.)

(No missing narration)
(1:05; Opening) "Hi gang! This is Stan Lee. I don't about you, but give me a mad scientist story any day. And this one's a doozy!  We start in the strange laboratory of Dr. Proto who's creating a brand new form of life. The only problem is, he doesn't know how deadly it'll be."
(6:45) "Banner and Betty better not waste a minute.  Inside Proto's lab, the yellow slime is growing faster than anyone can suspect."
(9:30) "The creature who was the Hulk may have rested, but in the lab of Dr. Proto there is no time for rest."
(13:10) "And so, with no one to stop him, the power mad doctor dares to activate his fateful mission."
(13:32) "Alas even though it's Bruce Banner's intelligence that's needed the most the anguished scientist is unable to halt his transformation into a creature of pure unbridled power!"
(18:00) "It's finally happened! For the first time in his life, the Hulk faces danger that can't be defeated by brute strength alone.  If he can't even help himself, what can he do to save Rick and Betty?"
(20:39) "But nobody could move fast enough to save himself from the ray blast of the mighty gammatron. A blast that bombards our hero with the amazing gamma rays that transform him into the Incredible Hulk"
(22:42; closing) "For the moment, Bruce Banner seems free of care.  But only for the moment."

(1:05) "Hey Hulk lovers! This is Stan Lee bringing you one of green skin's strangest adventures.  It begins in the middle of the night, where we find Bruce Banner still searching for a cure to stop him from becoming a monster.  As for Betty Ross, she thinks he's conducting a routine experiment, for Bruce dares not tell her his dread secret."
(3:14) "Hey, just imagine it's you!  Your only one inch high but you've got to climb way up to the top of a table.  Well, that's the fix poor Bruce is in."
(3:53) "Frightened.  Trapped, with no hope of escape.  Bruce Banner begins to change."
(5:50) "Slowly, the Hulk's clouded brain realizes he must get past the chain link fence which seems a mile high to the one inch monster."
(6:18) "He did it!  He's out of the base at last!  Now, to find Rick Jones, all the Hulk must do is get to Rio's diner.  But, even though the diner is only a short distance away from the sprawling army base, it might as well be a world away to the green skinned Hulk."
(6:58) "To the slow witted Hulk, it's jut another enemy to fight. But we know he's facing a deadly gila monster, the most dangerous desert lizard of all."
(7:42; return from commercial) "Even unconscious, the Hulk is still the mightiest of all.  And so, his superhuman strength helps him to survive, before it's too late."
(8:47) "With his brutish body relaxed at last, the Hulk once again undergoes his miraculous metamorphosis, but it's only his form that changes. His size remains the same."
(14:11) "At last, Rick has guess what happened to Bruce Banner. But, afraid of revealing the scientist's terrible secret, the astonished youth must keep his knowledge to himself."
(16:38; return from commercial) "The mighty T-70 tank thunders across the army base on a path of carnage and demolition.  But aboard the giant engine of destruction is one extra, unsuspected passenger. A one inch tall, green skinned rampager."
(17:29) "Trapped in a strange and savage world of giants, inside a one inch body, the raging Hulk seeks only to smash, and tear, and destroy!"
(23:40) "Bruce is normal size again and, for once, no one's mad at the Hulk."

(1:05; opening) "Don't dare touch your dial! This is Stan Lee promising you the surprise of your life when you see who's chasing Bruce Banner!"

(8:36) "Yes Bruce Banner may indeed be gone but he's been replaced by...another! Another who soon will reach the unsuspecting cyclists."

(13:41) "As the powerful nulifier increases it's pressure Bruce Banners knows he mustn't let it sap his will! His frustration turns to anger, to fury, to blind unreasoning rage! Until at last...."

(13:58) "Hang loose, heroes! From here on in, we're REALLY going to move!"

(14:50) "It'll happen sooner than anyone expects! But right now, let's jointhe armoured truck as it carrys it's fateful load of vibranium."

{17:06) "Even as the Hulk lies helpless on the desert sand, the valiant Betty Ross refuses to admit defeat."

(17:33) "Meanwhile, the sleeping gas has calmed the Incredible Hulk. And as the potent fumes wear off..."

(20:57) "Unthinklingly, mindlessly, the Hulk's act of raging violence hurls the captive Betty Ross into sudden unconciousness."

(22:17) "Yes, Rick Jones had indeed found the rampaging creature, who had been thrown clear of the blast. With the battle ended the monster has once again become...a man. But for how long, not even I, Stan Lee, can answer that!"


(no missing narration)
(No opening)
(05:10) "Meanwhile, outside Jennifer Walter's office..."
(06:34) "Helpless in the grip of the strange cloud, Jen is lifted to the secret headquarters of the world's most powerful army of crime, the dreaded hordes of HYDRA."
(07:16) "The savage She-Hulk could reduce that door to splinters but the guards would hear the noise. Jennifer Walters knows there are times when skill is more important than plain brute strength...and this is such a time."
(09:32) "Inexorably the amazing mist begins to solidify, begins to imprison Jennifer Walters.  But no mere mist can imprison the savage She-Hulk."
(13:03) "But there are other experiments being conducted. Evil experiments."
(14:31) "When the world's strongest mortal faces the world's most powerful female what will happen next?"
(16:16) "Meanwhile, in the secret headquarters of HYDRA, Betty Ross can count on nothing but her wits."
(18:28) "But trying for a better grip on the pole, Rick takes one step too many."
(21:19) "The blazing battle of the mighty behemoths accidentally shatters the fateful globe."
(22:00) "Rushing to the master control panel, Betty frantically programs the mist to evaporate before it's too late."
(23:32; Closing) "Once again a cure has failed but Bruce Banner can never stop trying, not while the Hulk still lives"

(no missing narration)
(1:05; opening) "Do you believe in fortune tellers? In people who can predict the future? This is Stan Lee, telling you that Bruce Banner didn't believe but he may feel different now.  Ever since the Hulk's supernatural adventure with...the boy who saw tomorrow!"
(9:25; return from commercial) "Is it true? Can Jonah see the future? He has just predicted that Betty Ross would be aboard space shuttle number 99, as its only pilot on August the 2nd. Jonah also warned Bruce to beware of a strange comic looking man in tacky clothes.  The man is evil and will harm the helpless Banner...but worst of all, beware the Hulk.  The creature will destroy the rocket with himself and Betty Ross aboard."
(13:46) "As the mighty rocket engines are about to be tested, no one realizes that Bruce Banner is helplessly trapped beneath the giant tailpipes." [Pause for Betty's dialog)  Banner is facing total destruction by the girl who loves him most."
(14:30) "Banner's screams go unheard, drowned out by the rocket's roar. Panic fills his heart, fires his blood, turning him into the Incredible Hulk!"
(15:44; return from commercial) "One day before the launch, the training continues, like some ghastly date with doom.  A date that can't be broken." 
(18:20) "Lift off!  It's done.  And now there can be no turning back. [Pause] But slowly, fearfully, the unsuspected extra passenger awakens.  Trapped and terrified, he realizes the prediction of doom is coming true!  Mounting panic and burning fear activate his body's gamma cells once more. Until, at last..."
(19:51) "The final disaster!  The Hulk's shattering onslaught unleashes the gas!  Waldo's bomb explodes too soon!  [Pause] The potent chemical batch oozes through the hatch, enveloping the helpless Betty Ross. [Pause for Betty's dialog]  Nothing that lives can overcome the Hulk.  But not even his mighty lungs can withstand the billowing gas. [Pause]  But there's one event Jonah couldn't foresee: the Hulk is more than just one man.  Asleep, the green goliath once again becomes Bruce Banner."
(22:43; closing) "Thanks to his incredible secret identity, Bruce Banner survived the terrifying prediction."

(1:05: opening) "Hey! This is Stan Lee inviting you to Bruce Banner's lab...where the brilliant scientist prepares to test his amazing transmat: a Super powerful beam that can transfer anything that lives from one place to another."

(1:36) "Bruce Banner might feel different if he new what's about to happen."

(2:02) "But happen, it does! The powerful beam has triggered the gamma 
rays within his body that changed Bruce Banner into...The Incredible Hulk!"

(6:08) "Rick is busting to tell Betty not to worry; Bruce Banner is still alive. But how can he say it without revealing that Bruce is the Hulk!

(6:18) Meanwhile in the next county, a green-skinned visitor drops into town."

(6:41) "A visitor who becomes a weary stranger."

(7:09) "Since he himself is still alive, Banner misunderstands. He thinks the Hulk has destroyed Betty Ross...and now the Hulk must pay!"

(8:35) "Later as Banner impatiently waits on a street corner.'

(8:55) "The gamma ray detector leads the Hulk-busters straight toward Bruce Banner, in whose veins flows the blood of the Hulk."

(9:09) "Speaking of Major Talbot, we find him leading a group of Hulk-
Busters aided by a powerful gamma ray detector."

(13:15) "Betty Ross works feverishly to repair the damaged Transmat."

(13:43) "Even as Betty speaks a lightning swift jet marine fighter plane is completing its test flight."

(15:28) "Without a seconds hesitation, Betty launches a speedy stun missile. The powerful rocket homes in on the gamma rays in Banner's blood stream. Suddenly the unexpected happens: the missle has triggered the gamma rays within our hero's body! And where Bruce Banner had fallen, the Hulk now rises!"

(16:33) "The jet marine has many weapons. Among them a gravity beam which makes its victim weightless."

(17:05) "The gravity beam has more than doubled the creatures weight...still his mighty muscles enable him to stand."

(17:51) "But how do you bag a tireless monster who can cover countless miles in a single leap?"

(19:07) "His anger: uncontrollable! His strength: immeasurable! The Hulk destroys the damn!"

(19:47) "Struck at last by a vertigo ray, the Hulk grows dizzy, shaky, unable to stand!"

(20:10) "The Hulk struggles in vain. Nothing can overcome the power of exo-field energy. The stronger you are the less chance you have. The exo-fields uses your own strenght against you. The Hulk is captured!"

(20:47) "Carefully resetting the Transmat, Betty has to reverse the experiment but little does she dream as she attempts to save Bruce Banner that her efforts may destroy him...forever!"

(21:21) "Taking every last ounce of his superstrength, the Hulk manages to overload the exo-field."

(22:38) "No one hopes it more than Bruce Banner for as long as the monster lives he can never tell the girl in his arms how much he loves her."


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