Dennis Marks was the producer of the show, story editor, writer and the voice of the Green Goblin.  Also creative director of Marvel Productions at the time the show was being produced, Dennis has written and produced hundreds of television and theatrical animation features for numerous companies including De-Patie-Freleng Enterprises, Filmation Studios, and Hanna Barbera.

Interview with Dennis Marks

Dennis wrote the episodes:Triumph of the Green Goblin, Swarm, Quest of the Red Skull, MISSION: Save the Guardstar, Spidey meets the Girl from Tomorrow, and Education of a Superhero.

Donald F. Glut's professional life has been as a freelance writer.  He has authored numerous motion picture and television scripts, comic books, more than 35 novels and nonfiction books, also numerous short stories & articles.  Don is probably best known for his novelization of the movie The Empire Strikes Back and is internationally known for his work with dinosaurs.  Mr. Glut was the writer of many of the most memorable moments of Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends, including my favorite aspect of the show: The Marvel Superhero guest stars!

Don wrote the episodes: Pawns of the Kingpin, Vengeance of Loki, Crime of all Centuries, Origin of Iceman, Along came Spidey, Knights & Demons, & Origin of the Spider-Friends.


Christy Marx has worked in live-action and animation, TV and film as well as comic books and many years in interactive game design.  Some of Christy's pasts animation credits include Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Conan the Adventurer, Bucky O'Hare, Jem, G.I.Joe, Dino-Riders, and the solo Spider-man series (syndicated, 1981).  She has also written an episode for X-Men: Evolution. Christy's own web site is located at:

Christy wrote the episodes: The Fantastic Mr. Frump, Sunfire, Spidey goes Hollywood, Videoman, and A Firestar is born.


Michael Reaves is an Emmy award winning television writer, screenwriter and novelist.  Mr. Reaves has worked on the animated shows Batman:The animated series, Gargoyles, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Dungeons & Dragons, The Mighty Orbots (An EXTREMELY under-rated cartoon), and The Incredible Hulk(1982).  He was also the story editor for the Spider-Man Unlimited series that aired on Fox in the fall of '99.  His work is quite extensive beyond the Animation field. Be sure to check out his web site to see what a prolific writer he is.

Michael wrote the episodes: Spider-man: Unmasked!, Attack of the Arachnoid, and The X-men Adventure.

Doug wrote the episode: Seven Little Superheroes 

Francis & Jack wrote the episode: The Prison Plot 


Jack wrote the episode: The Transylvania Connection (aka The Bride of Dracula)

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